Cougar Club Projects List From 1972 Part#1

Cougar Club Projects

This is a comprehensive list of projects funded in full or in part by the Cougar Club.
New Athletic Department Web Site 2014
tore out carpet and replaced with rubber mats 2007
painted the walls in wt. room and hallway 2007
bought two new squat racks
all benches reupholstered 2007
bought new (used) equipment from MSU
bought new dumbells to fill in set
added logos on the walls 2007
bought three new benches
bought new neck machine
new cove base molding installed
doors painted
new strength logo on weight room wall 2013

painted all the walls
floor redone with new logo Summer 2007 removed non working water fountains
all new flourescent lighting installed
all switch boxes moved to secure boxes
* floor redone on a yearly basis
* bleachers inspected and repaired on a yearly basis
* baskets inspected and repaired every other year
** new hydrolic batting cage in South Balcony of gym
built new softball storage area next to concession stand in balcony
built shelves in softball storage room in south balcony
new track record board now hanging in the gym
new stall partitions and doors in boys locker room 2014
* means project totally paid for by Maintenance Dept.

old panels torn out in the shower room and replaced with 7 new
shower stalls with curtains
all new shower heads installed
shower room painted and grout repaired, floor steamcleaned
bathroom area painted
logo added to girls locker room wall
locker room walls painted
old lockers torn out, 25 new lockers ( 50 openings) added
new blue rubber-type floor installed (2011)
new cove base moulding installed 2011
coaches room painted
40 new full size lockers installed (2014)
tear out shelves in girls locker room closet near shower
new stall partions and doors in girl bathroom 2014
plywood cubbies built in locker room and painted blue
** new shower heads installed
shower area painted and tiles steamcleaned
bathroom area painted and tiles steamcleaned
locker room walls painted
locker cubbies painted and all hooks replaced
coaches room painted
new floor installed 2011
64 wooden lockers installed with lock boxes 2011
new cove base molding installed 2011